Mary pat Kane is a writer, photographer, storyteller (and, before that, a social work community organizer (like Obama!!!!)).   Living in Philadelphia, she published regularly in local papers, created 8 one-woman shows, received three Pennsylvania Council on the arts grants, had several photo shows and garnered photo awards (including first place in the Philadelphia Magazine contest).  She also published in The Philadelphia Daily News, The Christian Science Monitor and The Brooklyn Herald.

 In New York, she has performed with The Field, The Telephone Bar series, Speakeasy and, monthly, for a few joyous years at the Bodgea Wine Bar in Bushwick — responsive audiences!!!; and, of course, in the wonderful MOTH story Slams;  she currently ‘tries out’ new stories at The NY Story Exchange, a great group held at Cornelia St. café monthly. 

 As a writer, storyteller, Kane very much loved being a coach in the MOTH Community Outreach Storytelling groups for 14 brilliant sessions and was also 5 years a writing mentor to teen writers for Girls Write Now (where she learned a lot about young singers and very big crushes).

 She loves cities and the life of city streets — the variety, the hoopla, the differences — and, thrives on both the joy and dissonance of being ‘out and about.’  She also loves disco dancing (Oh, please bring it back!), recycling and mulching.  She could mulch for hours (a ‘long story’ and one told at the MOTH).

And, in her 24 years of living in the NY area, she is proud to say that she’s ‘ordered in’ less than 8 times, or, maybe 9 — or seven!  Hmm.

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